Leather Services

Our leather restoration services include:

  • Cleaning and conditioning

  • Repairing scuffs and tears

  • Re-sewing seams and top stitching

  • Refinishing areas where the color has been removed

  • Nail polish, ink, and marker removal

  • Replacing panels of leather that are beyond repairing

  • Refinishing of sun-faded leather



Furniture Services

Services for furniture, whether leather or fabric, include:

  • Mold and mildew removal

  • Re-sewing of seams

  • Cleaning

  • Frame repair

  • Firm-up seat support

  • Add stuffing to seat, back, and arm cushions

  • Recliner mechanism repair and replacement

  • Wood repair on all types of furniture


"Don't worry, I won't scratch it. Promise."